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Wedding do or don’t Restaurant registry


Alex and I went out to dinner the other night, and we ended up chatting with a couple who had created a restaurant registry, instead of a traditional registry...

"All we love to do is go out to eat," says Lesley. "Plus, we got married later in life and had everything, so we didn't want to say, 'Hey, buy me a nice bowl.' We've always liked the idea of giving experiential gifts to friends, as opposed to stuff. It's really special. So we created an online registry with descriptions of dinners ranging anywhere from $25 to $350 from Rockaway Taco to Alinea in Chicago. We went to all the dinners the first year of married life we would write to the people who gave us each one and tell them, 'It was amazing! We had the veal!' "


Thoughts? Would you do this? You'd have the most delicious first year of marriage!

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