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Let's talk about travel...


Crazy fact: The Empire State Building gets struck by lightning up to 100 times a year.


An interactive guide to what Italian gestures mean.


In Europe, you can get additional days off if you get sick during your vacation!


Five ideas for plane picnics.


Tourists throw more than 700,000 euros worth of coins into Rome's Trevi Fountain every year.


15 international etiquette rules. Examples: In France, don't eat your bread as an appetizer before the meal, and in Italy, order a cappuccino only before noon.


Graphic designers imagine an airline website that customers would actually enjoy visiting.


Museum Hack: funny, weird, exciting, energetic tours of NYC museums. 


Emotional baggage tote, 'cause everyone has it.


Travel fantasy: Floating Farmhouse.

The weird thing we do on vacations, and the 5 best shoes for traveling. Plus, talking about cheese, books and fashion...

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