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Have a wonderful weekend.


What are your plans this weekend? I'm flying to San Francisco today to meet my sister and mom for the weekend. I'll be away from the boys for three nights and four days I've already given them 1,000,000 kisses but I'm looking forward to a girly weekend and a plane flight all by myself. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

The loveliest interviews of celebrities.

...And another funny photo.

Omg. This airline gives you an apartment on the plane.

Two-ingredient sandwiches.

These shoes would look cute with jean shorts.

Could you and your partner pass a U.S. immigration marriage interview?

Made me laugh.

This Frozen video is actually kind of awesome. (Toby loves it, too.)

What a pretty dress.

How to stop a wedding. Bizarre!

Wow, I want to go find this guy.

Wouldn't you love to cut into these cakes?

Dumb and Dumber recut as a psychological thriller. (And remember this?)

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