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Single tasking is the new multitasking


Earlier this month, I was riding my bike across the Brooklyn Bridge, when my phone fell out of my pocket. Rats! So I was forced to spend the next week without a phone.

The big surprise? It was amazing.

My whole life seemed to slow down. Instead of checking email at the playground, or texting a friend at the grocery store, I enjoyed the present moment. I joked with my babies; I smiled at passersby. It was a relief to not feel my phone in my pocket, tempting me to look. I felt free and untethered. There was even a simple joy in leaving notes for Alex when we went out: "Meet us at the playground," or "We're going to the sprinklers, be home in an hour."

"We’re picking up cues from our culture about the way we live our lives and the pace at which we live our lives," a pastor recently said in a sermon called The Theology of Rest. "Rest isn’t a priority, because so often rest is confused with laziness...Rest, instead of being something passive, is actually an act of resistance. We live in The City That Never Sleeps—so resting may be the most countercultural and spiritual thing we do with our lives."

This singletasking video also really struck me. I posted it in my Friday round-up, but wanted to post it again here. It's funny and enlightening—totally worth watching! How about you? Would you take a break from your phone? Do you have any phone rules? Now that I have a new one, I'm challenging myself to leave it at home as much as possible.

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