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Have a wonderful weekend.


What are you up to this weekend? Alex is joining us in Fire Island tonight, and Saturday is the first official day of summer! Then we'll be back to regular scheduled programming on Tuesday. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web...

Love this nail color.

Swimming babies!

Never touch gross stuff in your drain again.

The BFG is going to be a movie!!!

Made me laugh.

College kids, before and after.

What a gorgeous dress.

Single-tasking is the new multitasking.

Even if you live a long life, these weeks are all you've got.

Good to remember: It's not about you.

Client feedback on the creation of the earth. (Made me LOL x a million.)

Can you guess what pie charts are called in France?

Just Frank Sinatra and Paul McCartney shaving. No big deal.

It's official: People love their phones.

Marina Abramovic in London: Is this art?

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