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Pregnancy pillows


Have you ever used a pregnancy pillow? They look crazy, but I swear by them. Sleeping with a giant belly can be uncomfortable, so these pillows were a lifesaver. They cradle your body and belly while you sleep, and you can wrap your arms and legs around them and sleep soundly through the night. Alex joked that it was like having a third person in our bed, but it was soooo worth it. I recommend them to all my pregnant friends.


When I was pregnant, I got a generic one online, but now I've discovered Bump Nest, which are even softer and more comfortable. Plus, their patterns are beautiful. (Check out the peacock feathers!)


The top of the pillow cradles your neck and shoulders and helps you stay on your side while sleeping; and you can wrap your legs around the bottom part, which helps ease lower back pain and creates an ergonomic sleeping position.


The sweetest part? You get a cap made out of extra material for your future baby to wear, while another cap is donated to an infant in need.

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